• ablespine™ is a TGA assessed and registered device that promotes better back health through improved spinal alignment.

    Safer than a foam roller, it’s incredibly effective for getting rid of nagging neck, shoulder or back pain. For computer workers with tight shoulders or headaches, it’s a game-changer!

    ablespine™ stimulates your nervous system, putting you into a state of relaxation within minutes. Perfect for rest and recovery after a stressful day or your workout at the gym.

    With over 8,000 sold and counting, we think you’ll love it.

    • Facilitate spinal alignment
    • Improve and maintain great posture
    • Stimulate a healthier circulation to postural muscles
    • Increase range of motion safely, minimising injury
    • Increase chest expansion and improve breathing
    • Suits all humans between 4’ to 6’4” tall (modified application in our FAQ’s)
    • Made from 100% recyclable, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial injected EVA foam
    • 28-day money-back guarantee


    • Athletes in need of recovery (from weekend warriors to professionals) Gym/yoga/Pilates enthusiasts
    • Computer workers and desk-jockeys with endless nagging neck/shoulder pain or RSI complaints
    • Text-neck sufferers
    • Individuals with back pain
    • Anyone wanting blissful stress relief
    • Anyone wanting to improve posture
    • Insomniacs
    • Made from 100% recyclable, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial injected EVA foam.
    • Weight: 780 gm | 1.72 lbs
    • Height: 9cm | 3.5 inch
    • Length: 57 cm |22.4 inch
    • Width: 20cm | 7.8 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 258 reviews
Christos Koutsouras

Amazing product, great quality as well as quick delivery and a great catalogue of videos online to demo exactly how to use it and what it is used for.
As a myotherapist this is also great for my clients to use as well.

Ivy Parsons
able spine

Brilliant helps you to naturally realign your spine as your lay on it.

Patrick Shevlin
Best I've Felt in Years!

I was experience multiple disk issues with lots of symptoms. After 1 month of able spine daily, I feel dramatically better!

Edwin Rojas
Great product

I've been using it nightly for three weeks and I'm extremely impressed with the improved and reduced neck discomfort.

Heather Tucker
Best back straightener

I bought my ablespine after a friend gave me a go on hers and new straight away that this was going to be perfect for my curved spine. Highly recommend.