Committed to finding a solution to a crucial problem.

As a Chiropractor, over the past 18 years in practice I’ve seen countless patients sustain injuries from stretching their spine incorrectly. The main factor was the use of products not specifically designed for this purpose. With my clinical experience, knowledge of the body and Co-founder Harry’s design background, we were inspired to design and develop ablespine.



A great idea on its own is not enough.

To create something that is amazing our team has had to think outside the box. Over three years of R&D, the development and trialling of 7 working prototypes has led to a final patented & TGA approved design that can safely stretch, realign and improve posture for all body types.



A quality team for a quality experience

In order to achieve this, we needed the right people, the right spirit and some good vibes. Lisa is an invaluable part of our team who understood our vision right from the start.

With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing in China she was able to navigate us from our prototype stage right through to the manufacture of our final design. Quality control has always been an integral part to providing you with a great product. Lisa’s determination and her attention to detail meant she could team us up with the right people, to get this done.



Design is not just about aesthetics, it needs functionality.

To create a quality product, designer and Co-founder Harry did not leave a stone unturned, with endless research and testing of materials and manufacturing processes. Great design that is functional seamlessly combines aesthetics and practicality, resulting in an effortless and efficient user experience. It considers user needs, simplifies tasks, and enhances usability, creating a visually appealing and empowering design.

Science & Testing


Science, testing and TGA

In the stages of developing ablespine we quickly realised it was capable of more than what we had initially focused on. We wanted to create something that would improve posture, increase mobility and reduce back pain.
After trialling early prototypes with practitioners and athletes we observed its ability to improve chest expansion and breathing and its benefits in recovery after exercise. The final result is a product that is TGA registered, that has practitioners using it in practice and patients asking for their own ablespine.