Let's start with improving that posture.

Posture Correction | Recovery

This series of postures help you achieve, better spine alignment, posture and mobility with 3 simple steps, that will leave you feeling relaxed, realigned and recovered. The best time to apply these postures are at the end of a challenging day or as part of your recovery after exercise.


Now that you’re standing taller,

let's loosen up those tight shoulders

Shoulder Tension | Mobility

This is a series of (4) 30sec exercises that prepare your shoulders and upper back for dynamic movement and minimise your risk of injury. They improve neck, back and shoulder mobility which makes them a favorite for athletes or people just trying to improve Rom (Range of motion) and posture.


Don’t forget your neck.
especially for those headaches

Neck and Shoulder Pain | Mobility

This exercise helps target the neck muscles that contribute to headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Even after the first application you'll feel a reduction in neck and shoulder pain and an increase in mobility.


Shoulders and neck done.....
Now for the lower back

Low Back Pain | Mobility

The muscles that stabilize and support your low back (Lumber and sacral levels) are actually supplied by the nerves that come through your upper back and neck. This is why the design of ablespine targets the junction between the neck and mid back area. This stretch targets your lumber spine directly and provides a great stretch for your low back and pelvis


Feeling better? Great!
Let’s get that spine moving

Low Back Strength | Mobility

This series of exercises activate the posterior chain of muscles through your lower back and will leave you feeling an increase of strength and stability in you your lower back.


On the home stretch...

Let’s not forget your core

Core Strength | Stability

This series of exercises will help to activate your fundamental core muscles and will leave you with a feeling of strength and stability in your back and an improvement in your posture.

Congrats !

...you’re now part of 12K happy customers

who have realigned their spine with ablespine.

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