Trouble Sleeping?

Laying on Ablespine stimulates your vagus nerve which triggers your parasympathetic nervous system. Within the first 4 minutes you will notice a shift in your respiration, heart rate and a relaxation of your postural muscle tone. Getting your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) into a parasympathetic state prepares your body for better recovery, better sleep and better performance.


1. Sleep can improve your memory

When you’re finding it hard to remember things, your brain could be telling you that it’s not getting enough sleep. A healthy night’s sleep improves the plasticity of your nervous system which helps with memory and learning.

2. Stress reduction

An interrupted night’s sleep can bring on elevated levels of stress hormones. This can have an adverse flow on effect to other aspects of your life. Deep and regular sleep can help prevent this.

3. Recovery

A good night’s sleep allows your body to produce extra protein molecules to help with growth and repair. It also helps to balance the tone of your autoimmune system and its ability to fight infections.

4. Hypertension

Higher blood pressure increases your chances of heart attacks and strokes. Healthy sleep gets your autonomic nervous system into a parasympathetic state which dilates your blood vessels and reduces blood pressure.

5. Diabetes

A prolonged period of poor sleep can have an impact on how your body processes glucose. This may lead to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

6. Sleep can reduce pain

Getting a good night’s sleep can reduce the sensitivity of nociceptors and actually make it hurt less. So the better the quality of your sleep, the less pain you might be in.