Posture, Performance, Prevention & Recovery

ablespine’s back recovery exercises are series of 3 simple steps that will help you achieve, better spine alignment, better posture, improved chest expansion and breathing and a calming of your nervous system for a better sleep and recovery.

Back Recovery Exercises

The back-recovery series of exercises can be done in the following order:

  • 1. Relaxation Posture 4 minutes
  • 2. Chest expansion 2 minutes
  • 3. Spine traction 2 minutes

1. Relaxation Posture

Lay with your head and neck supported on the head piece.
Have your legs positioned at 90 degrees.
Place your hands by your side with your palms facing up.

The elevated nodules traction your spine for better posture and alignment.
Within the first 4 minutes you will notice a shift in your respiration, heart rate and a relaxation of your postural muscle tone.

This works to prepare your body for better recovery, better sleep and better performance.
It also prepares you for deeper stretching in step (2) and (3).

2. Chest Expansion Posture

Extend your arms out 90 degrees to your body keeping your palms facing up for 2 minutes.
This posture opens up you shoulder girdle, improves chest expansion and breathing and the elevated nodules provide a deeper stretch through your thoracic spine.

3. Spinal Traction Posture

Extend your arms above your head keeping your palms facing up for 2 minutes.
This posture provides a deeper stretch through the shoulder girdle and a deeper traction through your spine to improve alignment and posture.
Being a more advanced stretch you may need to work your way up to getting your arms to full extension and holding this position for 2 minutes.