Back mobilisation

Due to the high degree of motion in your back and shoulders, you can be susceptible to dislocation and injury.
ablespine offers an accessible and effective solution. Our back mobilisation exercises consist of a series of simple movements that will help you prepare your body for dynamic movement, minimise the risk of injury, and improve your performance. These exercises help to increase neck, shoulder, and upper back mobility, making them a favourite of everyone from athletes to those living in aged care facilities.

The back mobilisation exercises can also be done using a light TheraBand for those who'd like to add some resistance to their stretches.

This series of exercises can be done in the following order in 30 second intervals:

  • 1. Int | Ext shoulder rotation 30 secs
  • 2. Pull aparts 30 secs
  • 3. Lateral raises 30 secs
  • 4. Protraction | Retraction 30 secs

1. Int | Ext shoulder rotation

Internal Rotation
External Rotation

Your internal and external rotator cuff muscles are what maintain shoulder stability. Applying this exercise for 30 seconds helps to maintain control of this intricate movement of your shoulder. Sufficient internal and external rotation of the shoulder also contributes to great posture and your ability to reach and lift objects overhead.

2. Pull Aparts

Lay on your back with your ablespine aligned with the bottom of your head. Raise your arms in front of you, keeping them in mid-air. With an (optional) exercise band in your hands, proceed to pull the band, dropping your arms to the ground and bringing your shoulder blades together. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise for 30 seconds to increase your mobility and shoulder flexibility.

3. Lateral Raises

Starting with your arms by your side, raise your arms out laterally as high as you can go and then return them to the start position. As well as challenging the full range of motion of your shoulders, this exercise simultaneously mobilises your shoulder blades and how they articulate with your ribs and spine. Add an exercise band to increase the difficulty.

4. Protraction | Retraction


This movement increases the activation of the muscles surrounding your shoulder joint, scapula, and ribcage. Repeating this movement for 30 seconds is also great for increasing mobility through the shoulders and mid-back.