Could using the wrong product be causing you more harm than good?

When you're warming up for a work out or just doing some recovery exercises after a training session, there are very limited options for stretching your spine safely.

Foam rollers, fit balls and bolsters can be great for stretching muscles and fascia in your extremities, but they have no science behind them when it comes to stretching your spine.

Laying on foam rollers or spiky balls does not provide stability and will initiate tonic reflexes of your flexor muscles to counterbalance. The broad base of ablespine provides stable and static application, allowing tight flexor muscles to relax and lengthen to open your shoulders.

The head piece provides support for your neck and the elevated nodules target specific postural muscles on either side of your spine. Simply lay back and allow your body to relax, realign and recover.

Ablespine was designed with a detailed understanding of the body. It’s a solution to a problem, an innovation to assist in safely improving Posture, Performance, Prevention & Recovery.